Exterior of Longfellow elementary school with students playing on the playground while other students walk in the building
Teacher leading a fourth grade class in the open group learning space at Longfellow Elementary.
Longfellow staff member starting to their previous students.
Kindergarten class at Longfellow entering the building for the first time.
Longfellow Kindergarten class entering the building.

Updates and Events

graphich for Citizenship Celebration 2022

Do you know who  the president was during World War I? Or do you know who was considered the “Father of Our Country”? These are just two of the 128 questions on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Test that immigrants may be asked. At RPS, we have the opportunity to help immigrants and refugees become citizens at Hawthorne Education Center.

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Longfellow is the only in the district that operates on a 45/15 schedule, one in which students attend school year-round, with classes in 45-day blocks, three-week breaks in between and a six-week summer vacation.